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EGJustice: the UNESCO-Obiang prize

O colectivo Toward a Just Equatorial Guinea divulgou um comentário sobre as relações entre a UNESCO e o presidente da Guiné Equatorial de que aqui apresentamos um excerto:

«The Prize
As you may have heard, UNESCO’s executive board voted to approve a renamed, “UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea” prize sponsored by President Obiang. The 33-18 board vote to approve the prize occurred even though there are outstanding concerns about the source of the prize’s funding, as documented in a UNESCO legal opinion, which concluded that the prize could not be implemented according to the organization’s own rules. While we are of course disappointed in the board’s vote, which put President Obiang’s interests above UNESCO’s basic principles of human rights and good governance, it is not clear that Director General Irina Bokova will move forward with its implementation given the opinion of the legal office.

Obiang Appointment to UNESCO
While the prize’s fate remains unknown, we are troubled by President Obiang’s appointment of his son Teodoro Nguema Obiang (commonly referred to as “Teodorin”) to be Equatorial Guinea’s Permanent Assistant Delegate to UNESCO. The appointment was announced just 15 days after several of Teodorin’s “supercars” (worth several million euros) were seized by French national police last fall as part of an ongoing investigation into corruption and money laundering. In February, French police raided a mansion used by the Obiang family in Paris and seized antiquities, furniture, and other luxury items belonging to Teodorin and reportedly valued at more than 40 million Euros. The UNESCO appointment may be an attempt to create diplomatic immunity for Teodorin, which could protect him from any charges that emerge from the investigation.

Anti-corruption investigations are already politically sensitive matters from a variety of perspectives. Transparency International France and Association Sherpa, NGOs in Paris that initiated the investigations, have fought for years to get the French authorities to investigate and prosecute the laundering of funds from Africa into “ill-gotten gains” in France.

The move to appoint Teodorin to a diplomatic post could unravel these efforts. The French Foreign Ministry has the authority to deny Teodorin diplomatic status. This week, Sherpa launched an online petition that calls on the Foreign Ministry to deny the residency permit.»

Mais informação pode ser acedida em E aproveitem e façam pressão sobre o MNE francês …


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